Europeans, Defend your Freedom!

Strengthen the European Parliament!

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Most of the laws that affect you are nowadays made in Brussels by secret negotiations between ministerial officials, heavily oriented toward the wishes of multinational corporations and their lobby groups. Often these laws are couched in deceptive terms, designed to sidestep whatever democratic control there still is.

Fortunately, the European Parliament has the right to block most of these laws and to propose amendments. It has shown that it can make effective use of this right. It is now up to you to vote for representatives who are willing to stand up for the public interest.

The EuroGreens have a unified presence in all EU countries and can be trusted to vote for the good amendments on the software patent case as well as on other dossiers on which freedom and productivity in the information age depend.

Some other political parties and candidates are equally trustworthy. Please read this quick documentation and make a well-considered decision this weekend!

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